Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zip Line


Monkey and I all strapped up and ready to go! It's a long walk from where you get harnessed up to the tower. Then you are already tired, and you have to go up 4 flights of stairs to get to the top of the tower just so you can jump off like a crazy person! :)

There we are standing on the edge getting ready to jump off and have the ride of our life! Since it takes a bit to get harnessed and up there, and then the ride is only 30 seconds long, they let you go twice right away before you have to take your harnesses off and give them to the next person.

Here we come. This is the second time we went down. Monkey and I switched sides this time.

And there we go!

They got new cables this year, and they are remarkably faster than last year. Last year there were lots of little kids who would stop way before the end of the zip line and they would have to try to throw a rope up to the kids for them to grab on so they could pull them to the end where they could unhook them from the line. This year, everyone came barreling in to the end! The bigger the faster yet! They have this new way to stop the people since they are all coming in at a faster speed. They have a wood brick on the cable which is in between the top of my harness and the top of their rope. Then they start down the hill and hope to slow you down before you get to the top of the hill so you don't run into the posts. Some of the bigger guys coming down the hill were fun to watch, because they would make the workers who are trying to hold on to that rope and slow them down get knocked off their feet! Super Hilarious! :)

I wonder if they have a way to track how fast people are going when they come down that line?!

Here's a video clip of us going down. I was trying to get the camera to stay on Monkey, but I kept spinning around, and couldn't really see in the screen very well to see if I even had the camera pointed at him most of the time or not. But you get the idea. Hope you enjoy it regardless of the quality.

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