Friday, July 23, 2010

DVR review

If you don’t have a are so totally missing out! 
Big time. :)

I think I talked about this before.  But, we are so spoiled since we got the DVR for our TV.  
We never have to watch commercials because we can just pause and fast forward through them.  We can just record everything by the push of a button and watch it whenever we want to.  You can pause and rewind live tv, so awesome.  Even though we’ve had it for a few years TJ still forgets that sometimes.  I’ll start talking to him, and he’ll say something like can you wait until this is over, and I say...You can pause it! :) 
Oh yeah!

We talk about how we are spoiled with this feature, and we find ourselves thinking in other situations in life....Oh I missed that, can we go back and see it again?!?  

Well, sometimes I think that on the radio.  
What did they say?  
I need to rewind so I can hear it again.  

Well, it’s finally here.  We do not have it, but I was surprised to see it.  There was a commercial, and you’re thinking, why were we watching a commercial....hahaha side track....anyway, it was a commercial for a brand new Buick, and they had radio that you can pause and rewind.  Sah-weeeet! 

We are soooo getting that car.

Or maybe that’s not really a good reason to buy a car?!


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Gampa and Gamma said...

What will they think of next? HA!!

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