Sunday, July 18, 2010

4-Way Stop?!

Today I was apparently treating every stop/intersection like a 4-way stop.  

That doesn't really always work.

The first time I stopped, and thought, there's no one else around, so I can go right?
Well, no I couldn't because it was a red light.  
Luckily I caught myself as I was getting ready to take my foot off the break.

And I did NOT go through the red light.  Just for all of you to know! :)

The second time I was looking ahead and noticing the red light.  So I started slowing down.  By the time I came to a complete stop where I thought I was behind the other vehicle.  I realized that vehicle was already through the intersection because the light was green.  

What am I doing?!

Or as they would say on Saturday Night Live....."What up with that?!"  

haha...did any of you see that last night?  I think it was the first sketch.  
It was really all we saw, and then went to bed, but it was hilarious!

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