Thursday, November 18, 2010

Randomness v24

Bear- I'm sweating cold.

Monkey- I'm stucked.

Bear says, after getting up from doing nothing.  "I'm sweaty, I need a drink."
Me- You're sweaty from sitting there huh?!

If you watch "The Office" regularly you already know this joke...if's how it goes.

Me- Do you smell that?
You- What?
Me- It smells like updog in here.
You- What's updog?
Me- Nothing what's up with you.

TJ has tried doing this with our kids and its too funny because they don't get it.  EVERYTIME! :)  haha.
So tonight, after they've heard this joke many times, I smelled Bear's sweatshirt and said,
Me- Bear, do you smell that?
Bear- What?
Me- Your sweatshirt smells like updog.
Bear- Oh.  (Yeah, he didn't get it)
Then Monkey who still doesn't get it but thinks its funny because we laugh at it every time, says.
Monkey- Bear, do you smell that updog?
Bear-Yeah, it's my sweatshirt.
AH- HAHAHAHAHAH!!!  too funny.  They have no clue.

Do you get it?

Bear- I counted to 3 in my head.
TJ- I counted to 3 in my arm.
Bear- Oh, that's cool.

Bear- My feet itch.  I think there's bees on my shoes.

Me- Monkey, look at that snowman.
Monkey- What did it look like?
Me- a snowman.

1 comment:

Bobbi Kenow said...

the updog comment is hilarious for two reasons
a)that part of the Office is so funny when Michael is trying to trap someone into the joke
b)the innocence and literalness of children!! :)

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