Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Movie Quotes, v2

I was listening to the King of Queens last night while I was doing my typing work.  First of all, I've seen them all so many times because they are stinking hilarious.... that I can listen to them and pretty much know exactly what's going on.  Secondly, that works out good for me, because it's kinda hard to watch something while you are typing.  So it's a good alternative.  Anyway, one of his comments struck me funny last night.  I started this movie quote idea forever ago, and kinda forgot about it until now so here's volume 2.

First of all Doug is receiving what he believes are "Stalker" emails, which turns out to be just a prank.  Some guys come over and ask him to go to a movie with him.  He doesn't want Carrie to know about the emails so he picks up the laptop and starts heading out to the movie with the guys.

Carrie- Why are you bringing the laptop with to the movie?

Doug- Uh, so I can write about it on my blog.

hahaha....sounds like me! :)

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