Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas in October

I know October is over, but I didn't get this post out earlier. TJ and I LOVE Christmas.  And we love to decorate early.  We kinda started this tradition a few years ago so we've kept up with it.  We don't celebrate Halloween with the kids, and Thanksgiving is almost never at my house so it doesn't get in the way.  Besides, I realize this is not true for everyone, but we are capable of being thankful at Thanksgiving time even while there is a Christmas tree in the house! :) lol

So here's a few pics of our Christmas decorations.

 We got the boys each their own little tree on clearance last year.  They were excited to decorate it however they wanted. :)

Most of Bear's ornaments are on the other side!

I have a bunch of Snowman decorations too, but last year I decided to switch to not putting the snowman stuff out until we put the Christmas stuff away right after Christmas.  It's a nice transition.

It's so fun to have the Christmas stuff up early!

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