Friday, November 5, 2010

Randomness v22

Bear- "It is bed time for nap time?"
TJ- "Nap time"
Monkey- "Who's there?"
TJ- "First of all, I'm not talking to you, and second of all I said nap time, not Knock, knock."

(Monkey has to but into EVERYONE'S conversations!)

Being the boy that he is Bear decided it would be a good idea to put his "brand new!" woody toy in the little slot on the subwoofer.  Well, it went all the way in there, never to be found again.  I even tried tipping it back and forth to see if I could rock it out of there, but Woody will forever be stuck inside the speaker.  Too bad, so sad.  Hopefully he doesn't ever do that again. :)

This is a wonderful thing as long as you are talking about lights and other devices that you need, make that want to use on a regular basis.  This however becomes a "bad" word in the fall/slash winter.  Now has started the era of slipper wearing.  And slipper wearing brings more electricity in the house.
Static Electricity that is!

Have you ever seen the episode of the King of Queens where Carrie shocks Doug and he FLIPS out?!  This is hilarious because it's so true in my life.  TJ literally FLIPS out when he gets shocked, whether it's from me, or the light switch!  And to an extent, it's a little (dare I say it) annoying, because I've been shocked before and it doesn't hurt quite to that decible of a response! :)
This is funny because that's Carrie's response to Doug as well.
He responds with a very loud AH!  and She says, something like, ok, tone it down, I've been shocked before and pretty sure it doesn't hurt that bad.

Lol!  Love that show. :)

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