Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craft Time-Door Hanger

In our Bible Devotional we were talking about reputation and telling the truth.

Our devotional book, which is great by the way, is
Gotta Have God 2 (Fun devotions for boys) ages 2-5

It has a craft, activity, or match the picture or something on the next page to go with the story.

So this time we were talking about telling the truth.  So we made these door hangars.  And the boys were supposed to put the word Truth, and some other stickers and color it.  Then we talked about how we should hang it on our bedroom door and every time we see it, it should be a reminder to us to always tell the truth.

Well, it seems to be working on the reminder part because Monkey's room is right by the bathroom, and his is hanging on his door.  A couple times now when Bear goes to the bathroom, he says, "Mom, every time I look at that thing on Monkey's door it reminds me to NOT LIE!

I just cut this shape out of cardstock.  And got 2 per page.  Then gave them some stickers and let them do what they wanted after putting the word TRUTH on there.


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