Monday, June 28, 2010

Randomness v13

1. Yesterday we were playing outside in our little pool. The neighbor boys came over to play too. It was funny to watch because they are older than my boys but only a couple years apart like my boys, so I was just watching them and thinking that is what it's going to be like when Monkey and Bear are a little bit older. Then Monkey and Bear were playing in the pool, and the boys were dressed in regular shorts and a t-shirt. They were using our water guns, and accidentally shot it in our direction. TJ tells them he doesn't want to get wet, so if they shoot the gun over our way again he's going to pick them up and throw them in the pool. He looked at him and replied, "I can do the pleasures" and hops right in the pool fully clothed! It was hilarious!!! That was not the response we were thinking he was going to say. So it took us off guard and made it even funnier! He was hoping for this to be a deterrent since they were not wearing swim trunks, so that backfired on him. :)
Then they were running around and saying really funny things, things that my kids would say, weird/silliness, so I started laughing at them, and said to TJ I guess boys are boys no matter the age!

2. Today I was talking to TJ on the phone and he said he saw some deer by his work building this morning. I told him we saw a dead deer on the road, and it was a baby because it still had spots. He replied... "Oh Dear, That's no fawn (fun)." Oh what a punny guy. hahahaha

3. This morning we went to my sisters house and Bear brought the sun screen with. While we are in the car Bear says, "Mom, I brought this stuff incase we want to go swimming." To which I replied...."that's great but you didn't bring swimsuits, so now what?"

4. Monkey- I wish I was a toy.

Not really sure what he was thinking about....that's all he said, he didn't say anything beyond that. It was totally random. :)

5. Monkey- Can I cut my feet off and put them in a jar?
Bear- Sure, if you don't want to walk ever again.

6. Monkey- Can I be.........squirrel.......excused.

If you've seen UP he was being like one of the dogs on there where they get side tracked by the squirrels. It was really funny at the time. :)

7. Bear- Can we call someone?
Monkey- No because no one's online.

8. Monkey asked TJ a question, and after TJ answered him he said, I've been wondering about that for years!

9. TJ was trying to "mouth" a secret to Bear so Monkey wouldn't see what he was saying. Bear said, "WHAT?" so TJ tried one more time to mouth it without Monkey knowing but Bear was not getting it. So Bear says, "Dad, say it out loud!"


Earle Family said...

Cute! I just love reading the funny/random things your boys say. I can't wait until Josh can talk! Wel, I can wait, but it'll be fun when he finally does.

Carrie said...

Oh, my word, SO cute!!! Your life must be such a fun adventure! :) I love hearing what my Zachary says (he's two now), and I can't wait till he gets older & says all kinds of fun things like your boys! :)

I remember you from Faith - I was Carrie Harriss back then! :) Glad I found your blog! :)

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