Thursday, June 10, 2010

Randomness v11

1. Bear- "This is freezing hot".

My kids obviously don't understand the hot/cold differences all the time. He also thinks that if he's hot in the car he should put a blanket on him. ?!?

2. Monkey- Mom next time we go to their house, can we do that one thing?

Monkey loves to talk in pronouns, or non descriptive words. We were not even talking about something previously for me to put together what he was really talking about. Apparently I'm just supposed to know what's going on in his brain. But I don't always. :)

3. Monkey- If there was a whole bunch of birds on me, I would win the battle.

I don't really understand what he's thinking here at all.

4. Funny Story.....Monkey and I were playing dominoes. It's been a little while since we've played so the first time Monkey forgot about the part where you have to knock when you have one left. So after the first time of forgetting Monkey was knocking almost the whole rest of the time, and then he said, I've got my knockers on. hahahaha
Reminded me of one of those moments that I had previously where it sounds ok in your head but not once you say it out loud. This was only a few years ago....I was playing dominoes with other adults at my moms house. Two people were down to one domino at the same time so one played and knocked and then next played and I said, uh oh we have two knockers over there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Didn't sound so good once it came out of the mouth, and everyone laughed. Good times.

5. Bear- “Is this playable?”
We were at my Uncle Doug's house yesterday borrowing his oven to make cookies for vacation. The boys have never been there, so Bear was going around looking at everything asking Uncle Doug whether something was “playable” or not. Apparently just saying can I play with this is not cool enough for him. :) lol

6. I was holding Bear and he asked if I could super glue him to me so I would always hold him.
Too cute. :)

7. My ankles crack when I walk. Every time I try to sneak up on someone my ankles give me away. Stinkin' noisy ankles! :)


Gampa and Gamma said...

Awwww, those boys, I tell ya, gotta Love em!!!

Melissa Mitchell said...

Hha ha! Stephanie, this made me a laugh so hard. The bird comment, I'm still laughing about that. Too funny!

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