Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Randomness v12

Monkey- Mommy, today Is the day that your dreams come true.
Me- Why?
Monkey- because daddy married you. What does that mean anyway?

When we were in the aquarium Bear was looking at the big tank with balooga whales.
Me- What is that Bear?
Bear- WHALE!

Bear- Maybe I left my backpack there.
Me- Yes, you did Bear
Bear- Yeah, Maybe.

We went to the Dixie Stampede, and they had some cups that were shaped like a cowboy boot.
Bear said- You’re drinking out of a boot! Disgusting.

We were playing the License plate game while on vacation. I think we got all but 8 of them. :)
While we were playing we would just shout out the name of the state and say, hey do we have that one yet?
So I said, Do we have Alabama?
Monkey says- What’s a Bamma?
Another time we mentioned we were in Indiana, and Bear said, “Are we still in inthecanna?

We were in Lowes looking at the gutter supplies section. The sign by this section says “GUTTERING”. Is that a word? Can you make that word be a verb? That just doesn’t sound right.

TJ- BURP......oh I need some gum. Those onions really did a number on me. I think it was number 5.

TJ- Bear, what time is it?
Bear- one to ten

Monkey- I’m going to go to the Bathroom. How do you think of that?

We were walking through the mall, and they have one of those shower/bath stalls showing how you can redo your bath tub.  Monkey says, hey anyone want to take a shower? Then 2 more seconds of thinking about that he responds. “That would be embarrassing!”

Bear- I can count to 40.
Me- Ok, lets hear it.
See, I counted to 40!

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