Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is another meal that is easy, and you don't really need a recipe for it, but I put it in my cookbook anyway. That way when I look through my cookbook to make my menu I remember to make this meal.

This is another, no oven meal. Perfect for us right now. :)


I cook my bacon in the microwave. It makes it stay flat, and doesn't stink up the whole house. I don't like tomato, so My sandwich is just a BL....But I still say t just stands for toast. :)

Don't forget to add this to your menu every once in a while.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Jesse doesn't like Tomato either, so he subs in Turkey :)
We're having BLT's for dinner tonight, too...I think I'm going to get some of that new zesty Mayo...can't decide on Chipoltle or Garlic & Herb...we'll see!

mary house said...

This is perfect for nights like tonight when I have to hurry through dinner to get to the rink by 6pm. This way I am not scrambling to make dinner and clean up before I have to be on the ice at 6pm. I am totally excited and pumped b/c we are totally doing your calendar and recipes this next 2 weeks. Just got my groceries today!

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