Saturday, June 26, 2010

Public Bathrooms

After being on vacation for 10 days and using quite a few public bathrooms, I have a few things to say about that.

I think they should really make some kind of uniformity rule in bathrooms.

I do not like the sinks where you have to push the button and it runs for 5-10 seconds, then you have to push the button a few more times to be able to finish washing your hands. That kind should not be allowed.
Then there is the kind that is automatic. I don’t really like those either because I can never put my hands in the right spot to sensor the water to start. Once I find it, it starts but I’ve already moved my hands and it stops, and you do it all over again to try and get it to start again. Annoying!
The other thing about the automatic kind is you don’t get to pick the temperature and it is always cold. How does that clean your hands?!
I think all bathrooms should just have regular warm/cold handle faucets.

I think the automatic toilet is a water waster. When you are taking the kids to the bathroom, they can not reach the sensor for it so it flushes 3 times on them while they are sitting there. I will say though that it is nice to not have to touch the toilet to flush it, but that probably doesn’t matter because you still have to touch the door to get out of the stall, then the soap/sink/door to get out of the bathroom. I just wash my hands and then use the antibacterial stuff after leaving the bathroom. :)

Dryers vs paper towels
I vote for the Dyson hand dryers. I’ve only used them at 2 places....most recently at the World of Coca Cola on vacation. They are the best hand dryers. It’s a cooler air, and as you pull your hands out they feel dry and soft as if you just lotioned them. NICE!
As far as paper towels, I for sure do not like the kind that comes out a small little nozzle. You have to pull so much out and it’s all bunched up, so you’re pulling out 5x as much just to get your hands dry. I like the traditional pull down and rip off the paper towels with the little twisty thing on the side if the towel gets stuck.
Side you remember the kind they used to have that was a literal towel that you just had to pull it down to find a dry section of towel, and it wound back up into the holder in the back. I wonder if they still have those somewhere?

The majority of soap is foamy now-a-days. I prefer this kind. I am probably just used to it now, but if it’s not the foamy kind I feel like there is soap residue left on my hands from the other solid kinds no matter how long I wash my hands.
Some of the kinds of dispensers are hard to know where the soap is going to come out and most of the times when the kids try to get the soap, or even when I help them, the first pump falls to the sink/counter. Then you realize where it comes out and know where to position their hand the next time! :)

Too many times the stall doors have such big gaps along the hinges. I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of people watching me going to the bathroom. I like the bathrooms that have brick between the stalls, and tight hinge doors.

Lastly.....bathroom positioning.
Especially in same stores. Our Target has the women's bathroom on the left and men on the right. But you go into other targets and that is not necessarily the case. So don’t just presume that it’s the same, or you may be slightly embarrassed when you enter the wrong bathroom! :) There should just be a standard or something.....all restaurants and stores etc, have the men’s/women's on the same side uniformly. That would probably save lots of people from embarrassment.

hahaha....I did not do this, but I’m sure many people have. I’ve come close though.

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