Friday, June 4, 2010

Randomness v10

Turns out most of these are about Bear this time.....

1. Bear- Mom can I never ever have the green cup on Monday’s? (what is that supposed to mean?! I'm not sure) ;)

2. I, Stephanie, have a love/hate relationship with the ceiling fan. I love the coolness it gives, but hate when it dries out my contacts.

3. Bear-To make popcorn first you have to have some pop.

4. The kids like to roar at the birds because they think it scares them, and that’s why they fly away.

5.Bear came up dressed like this.....

I said this doesn’t match. He said, but there’s white on here(the shirt) and white on this(the pants). hahahaha...atleast he was thinking about it when he put it on!

6. My sister has fish, and she told Bear about the Algae Eater on the bottom. A little bit later, he asked where the alligator was.

7. Bear- Mommy, can you put some air in me to make me bigger?

Oh the funny things you say and do when you are 3. :)

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