Friday, June 11, 2010


I think I'm becoming more and more of a germaphob.

Normally I used to not really think twice about that many things germ-wise, but I'm noticing myself thinking, don't touch that, or don't sit here or I need to wipe that down or go wash your hands!

Here's a few instances.


Escalators in the mall. This one, I've been aware of for quite awhile. I do not like holding on to the railing. Yuck! Do you know how many people touch that in a day?

Carts. Lots of stores have sanitary wipes by the carts now so you can wipe down the handle before you grab the cart. But I always have a norwex cloth in my purse. So I usually use that.

The other day we were at the mall. They have those areas where you can sit down, couches and chairs and such. I didn't really look, but sat down in a chair that was apholstery and not even 2 seconds after sitting in the chair I felt gross. So I got up moved over to a vinyl chair, and got out my norwex cloth and wiped it down before sitting in it! This is when I realized this may be becoming a problem! LOL

Public bathrooms....
This list could be exhausting. First of all the doors. I do not like to touch the door after washing my hands. I like it better when the door is a push out door, so I can push it open with my foot. If not then they have to have paper towels, not just an air dryer so I can open the door with a paper towel and then throw it away quick before the door closes.
Second, if they do not have a hanger on the back of the stall door for me to hang my purse one, I have to hang it around my neck. I'm not letting that touch the bathroom floor! Gross!
Third....can you guess?!? Public bathrooms are just gross in general, but you gotta do, what you gotta do. Right?!? :)

I do not like to walk on hotel carpet without socks on. Icky....and I usually do not like to touch the "comforter" on the hotel beds either. Just grosses me out!

It goes almost without mentioning that kids touch everything, and more and more I am disgusted with what they touch! Just because pretty soon that hand, which just touched something gross, is somehow going to go near their mouth, or worse.... ON ME!!


We'll just leave it at that..for now. :)

(published just for you while I'm on vacation in Cincinnati. Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures. But probably won't be until late evening before I get to it.)

Side note....
Cincinnati reminds me of the tv show jingle....
♪♫ W K R P ♪♫ in ♪♫ Cincinnati ♪♫
Remember that show?


Gampa and Gamma said...

I'm right there with you Stephanie, although maybe not quite as bad. The bathroom thing is where I am always careful. I think maybe Grandpa was the one that instilled that in me. Luckily for us men we don't have to sit down all the time. I have heard that some ladies don't sit down all the way. Probably a good idea. Enjoy the rest of your trip, looking forward to pictures.
We are going to Dr. Gray's funeral this morning. I was asked to be a Paul Bearer so we have to be there early.
Love you!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

cincinnati :) I saw on TJ's fb that you will probalby see my hubby today! Not gonna lie...I'm really jealous :)

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