Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Puppy Chow

What's a sweet treat that doesn't use the oven......


As you all may or may not remember....my oven started on fire....and I haven't got the coil replaced yet so we have a stove top, and crock pot but no oven. It's just as well, since it's hot out and you don't usually want to run the oven when it's hot out anyway. The only dilemma for me is that I have a sweet tooth, and like to bake goodies alot! So today I brought back an old classic....I haven't had this for a while.

1 box of Crispix
(some people use other cereals, but it's just not the same if you don't use crispix)
1 cup peanut butter
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag powdered sugar

Melt the chocolate and peanut butter. Pour over cereal and mix well. Pour in 1/2-3/4 of the powdered sugar bag. Make sure you are using a big enough bowl with a lid so you can can cover the bowl and then shake it up really well. If you need more add more powdered sugar to coat all the chocolate. I don't usually use the whole bag. I don't like having so much powdered sugar sitting at the bottom of the bowl.


Enjoy your sweet treat with out the heat! :) That should be a tagline of some kind. hmmmmm...I might have to coin that or something.

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