Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Italian Pasta

Now most people make this as a side dish or something silly like that. :) Hahaha we eat these types of things as a meal. You just eat a bigger helping, and of course have a veggie or bread side with it! :)

Today in the devotions for the boys we were talking about things that may seem normal to us, but weird (I mean different!) from another person's point of view. This just might be one of those things. :)

Italian Pasta

Rotini Noodles
1/2 can Black Olives
1/2 cup Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
6 sticks of String Cheese
1 bottle Italian Dressing
1/4-1/2 cup red onion

Boil the noodles. Cut up string cheese, olives, pepperoni (halves, or fourths). Mix everything together in a large bowl. Serve chilled.
The onion can be strong, so the amount depends on how much you like that flavor/smell.
I didn't use the onion today because I only had white, not red onion. It makes a difference. Plus it looks pretty. :)

Today I used egg noodles just because I it's what I had and I didn't know what else I was ever going to us them for so I didn't want to let the sit in the pantry forever. And as much as a noodle is a noodle....yes, taste wise....I so much like the rotini noodles better in this. They hold their shape better which I think also helps hold the sauce on it better. They are more to bite into since they hold their shape better....not so mushy from losing the shape. So, maybe next time I'll take another picture when it's prettier. I also usually use the 3 color rotini so it's so much more colorful and beautiful. Oh well. It still tasted DeLiCioUs!! :)

(this picture does not look pretty, bummer)

Also....I tried something new when I boiled the noodles. Maybe some of you already know this. But anyway.....I brought the water to a rolling boil. Put the noodles in, set the timer for 10 minutes while it was boiling, then removed it from the heat, put the lid on and let it sit for 10 more minutes. I'm going to do this next time I have noodles too. I didn't have to keep checking the noodles to see if they were done or not. Worked super slick!

This meal was almost festive....if only the black olives were blue....this would fit the upcoming holiday very well. :)

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