Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reuse your Books-rehash

I've talked about reusing your homeschool books here for the original post.

Just a little reminder about being frugal!  You don't need to buy 4 of the same book just because you have 4 children, or whatever your number is!  You can use a dry erase marker and sheet protectors then you can use the book as many times as you want.  And really all you need is one sheet protector!

Check it out!  You can even do it with different shaped books.

 This is our Handwriting without Tears book, and instead of your traditional upright book, it's horizontal.  Since it's still within the 9x11 shape I didn't need to cut down the sheet protector, just put it on sideways.  Now you can even reuse this different shaped book!  One sheet protector goes a long ways!


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Carrie said...

I loved this tip & am doing it this year with my little guy & his preschool worksheets - one thing I wondered is, what do you do for your boys' homeschool portfolios, or are you not required to keep a portfolio of their work? Z is just in preschool still, so nothing is required this year, but thinking ahead to the future... I wondered if a photo of the completed work would be accepted - but maybe printing a photo for the portfolio would be more expensive than just buying another book! :) Anyhow, this is a great tip that I'm so glad I saw the first time you posted it! :)

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