Wednesday, October 26, 2011

See The NEED!

Me- Ok, boys.  We are going to play a game.
Boys- Ok what is it?
Me- It's called "See the need"
Monkey- How do we play?
Me- (walking over to something on the floor)...."Oh!  This doesn't go here! (and then I put it away)
Get it?  Ok, ready, set, GO!

And they ran off to see how many things they could "see the need" for that are laying around and shouldn't be there, then they put them where they actually belong.  I had them keep track, and the one who saw the most needs got a prize. (a piece of gum, or something small was enough for them)

You can also say, the first person to "See the need" 10 times wins....Go!

Spice up chore time!  And make putting things away fun!

Go ahead and use this tag line.
How many times will you ask your children....
(or spouse...haha) to see the need this week?!


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