Saturday, October 8, 2011

Letter T

 Letter T is for Turtle

Letter T Memory Verses
  • Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”
    2 Cor 5:17
    (I put this inside the file folder) 
    Found here.
We used the T that we already had printed from our A-Z Collage Sheets.
I got these wooden blocks from hobby lobby, and had him place them on the letter shape.  
Just another way to have fun while learning how to shape the letter T!
After doing this all week, I had him do it the last day with out the paper underneath.

Turtle Magnetic Page.
We used our homemade pompom magnets for these.

Download the printable file here.

  Turtle Letter Match
Only print the letters once and use the same letters for each time you do this activity.  
Laminate to ensure durability.

I did both the capital and lowercase file.  
Plus printed the whole alphabet 2 up on a page to conserve. 
You can put tape on the letter T!

Print and laminate and cut.

Print and laminate. :)

Print cut and punch holes to lace the Turtle!  The the download here.
Lacing stuff is one of his favorite things to do!  

Letter T Puzzle.
(I used the A-Z large floor mats as puzzles) 
This way it doesn't have the lines already in the file and you can cut it however you want.  I wanted to do at least 8 pieces.  I might change it up to more or different shapes or something for a later puzzle...we will see!

Use these in 3 different ways.  First you can just put them in numerical order.  Then I have larger clothes pins that I have written numbers on, so they use those to match the number.  And then I bought some smaller clothes pins and that one he puts that many pins on the number card.  
We also lined them up this way and counted by 2's!
See all these examples in picture form in the Number Order Games Post.


Capital letter file.  Lowercase letter file.
Have fun aiming for the letter T!

(you're right, I didn't take a new picture so pretend it's the letter T!)
I made this file myself because I wanted all the letters in one file.
Download my A-Z poke it letter file here.  
Take a thumb tack and poke the letter T.    
Make sure to do this while on the carpeted floor.

I put this in a sheet protector so he could do this over again throughout the week.
I put them in a sheet protector so he can use the same sheet every day of the week!

 Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom every day.  
And at the end of the week put the letter T on your coconut tree!  
I used the A-Z Collage Sheets.
I put them 4 up on a page so the letter would be small enough for 
them all to fit on our little coconut tree.  

I made my own circle the letter files.
Download my A-Z Circle the letter file.
You can print them full page or 2 up.  
You can even use the sheet protector on this for multiple uses instead of a one time use in pencil.

(no new picture)*
 Make the letter T with other items.
 We had this large egg crate bottom and popsicle sticks.  Obviously it's really only useful with the letters that don't involve curves.  Like your H, F, N, M, etc.... but still works for a bunch of letters!
*This is just my little tid bit to say sometimes from the morning to the night, or next day even when you get everything loaded and typed in, and you realize there was something you forgot to take a picture of, you really don't want to get it out, take a picture and upload it.  Just sayin'.....that's why some things are missing pictures or have old pictures.  Lots going on during the day here. :)
You get the drift.  Right?!?

  Fill a quart size baggie with a bottle of glue.  Get all the air bubbles out and now you can use your finger to draw the letter T in the glue baggie. :)


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