Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School Reward Chart

My kids are sometimes antsy, and there just seems to be a lack of motivation some days.
So I need to get back on the reward train.

This is what we came up with for this school year, so far.

I have their school subjects listed.  If they did their work with a good attitude I will mark it with a check mark.  If they have a bad attitude, I outline the box.

(So you can see on the left of this sheet, this week, Monkey did not have a good attitude during Math, so he did not get an extra reward that day.  This seems to be the trend with Mondays.  Weird.)

The rewards are given only if they have all the check marks filled in for that day.  Incentive to have a good attitude.  They get to choose the reward they want for that day.  They can either have 30 minutes to play a game on the computer, the iPad, iPod, or get 2 stars.  The stars are something we started a long time ago.  10 stars mean they get yet another reward, which is usually staying up late, or going on a special date out to eat just them and one parent, wherever they want to go.

There is also a consequence side of this chart...if their attitude is so bad that there were more than 3 missing they have to take away a star from their other chart, miss out on the next movie we watch, or do four chores that mom chooses for them.

At the end of the week if there are less than 2 missing, they get an extra end of the week bonus.  A free movie whenever they want, 1 hour on the computer, ipad or ipod, or 4 more stars!

This has been working so great the last few weeks.  They are so careful to have a great attitude because they are loving playing games on the iPad the most!  At the end of the school day they can't wait to see their chart to find out if they get  reward or not.


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