Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Boy's First Gaither Concert

I should probably say their first and second concert.  We went to the first one Friday night, October Indepence, MO.  Then we went to our second one on Saturday afternoon, October 15....same place.  There was yet another one on Saturday evening, but we needed to drive six hours to get home for church the next day.  So we only did two of the three-concert event.

This weekend we took the boys to their first ever Gaither concert!  This was however....concert number 15-16 for me and 18-19 for TJ.  You think that's that right?  Well I'm sure there are things you like to do a lot of times.  I guess Gaither concerts are what we like to do, lots of times!  Now if they would just venture farther north so we don't have to go so far south to see them!  That would be great.

Here's some proof that we were really there.....

 The boys with Kevin Williams the Gaither's guitar player.

And then Monkey took a picture of TJ and I. :)

Now to see more pics of all the artists who sang, click here to go to my Photography Blog.

The concert on Friday night was from you think Bear was tired????
and this picture was taken at there was still about one and a half hours left.


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