Sunday, October 2, 2011

Children's Bible/Devotions

Here are some great bible/devotionals we have used with our children and loved them.

We started with this one as a gift from friends.
Great short little stories you can read to your kids before bed.

Then we changed up to this book.  Which is great for little kids.
It's called the Read 'n' See Bible dvd...
It presents the stories in short formats, and it also has a dvd with the book.  On the dvd it has each story that you can listen, and it basically shows the picture from the book, but it adds a little extra variation with sound and voice, plus at the end of each story there is a sing-along song that goes with each story.  Great fun!

Next we have used the Gotta Have God Devotions....we have 2 now.

One that is ages 2-5 and another that is ages 6-9.  Check them out.  They are quick little devos, that focus on one verse to learn, and then a short story regarding what the verse in talking about.  There's a question to answer at the end, or to make you think about what you just read.  Then a little activity on the next page.  There is more than one for each age group, and this is a boys version, there is also a girls version and many more.

Lastly, our newest bible purchase.  It's the Jesus Storybook Bible.

This is a super great bible story book.  It brings every story back to Jesus!  Great read for any age.  And really great pictures.  You're kids are sure to love this one!

Just so you know we read 1 chapter from the regular bible every morning.....then, these fun shortened bible stories are what we read at night before bed time.



aboveallshadows said...

This is so neat, Stephanie! I am always on the lookout for solid kids' books. :) P.S. Look for an email from me! ~Reagan~

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing! We have several of these and really enjoy the Jesus Storybook. We also like the Little Blessings One Year Devotions for Preschoolers. They're pretty short, which is great for really short attention spans.

Anonymous said...

We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible, another one that's great is the Big Picture Bible and recently Henry, who is 6 1/2, really likes The Child's Story Bible.


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