Thursday, October 6, 2011

Organization-Under the Kitchen Sink

Have you ever walked around your house wondering what to do next?  I'm not saying you have everything done on your list and there's nothing else to do.  I'm saying you feel like organizing or rearranging or switching something up, and completing it all in one quick setting.

I'm a finisher so I like to sometimes find some little project that I can start and finish in a short setting and that inspires and gives me the accomplishment feeling I need to move on to something else.

Well, I was feeling this way the other day so I decided under the kitchen sink would be a quick fix.  Amazingly enough it's something that does get used a lot, grabbing garbage bags, soap, baggies, dusters....and yet everyone shoves things back in there wherever making it messy.

So this is how it was becoming to look....

After taking everything out and finding things that didn't belong, we now have a little more cleanliness. that feels good.  What's next?!?

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