Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's a Carnival Birthday!

My Little love Bear turns 5 today!

It was a carnival birthday with games, and lots of fun times!  Check it out.

We had a pop corn machine, bean bag toss and more games.

 There was a marshmallow gun and you had to try and hit the pop bottle. 

You could bob for apples!

 Way to go Bear!

 Ring Toss!

And the most popular game of the day was the donut on the string game.  It was a hit by all....we were having so much fun playing games we almost forgot about the gifts! ;)

 This year I made cupcakes instead of a cake.  This is so much easier, and you don't need forks and plates.  Great way to go. :)  Click here for the recipe.

 Me and my love bear.  Happy Birthday special boy!

All the cousins who came. :)


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