Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Adoption Poem

--An Adoption Poem--

Once there were two different women.
The first you may not remember, 
and the other is whom you now call mother.
Through the first God gave you life, 
yes praise God she allowed you to live.
She gave you all the natural things like appearance, 
emotions, personality, and the need for love.
Yet only through the second one will you find your needs fulfilled.
You now have one to guide you, teach you, and wipe away all your tears.
A mother to help and provide for you and one to calm all your fears.
For you, the first one was not able to provide,
While the other prayed for the Lord to provide.
Even though you may not know it, there is a bond for these two in one short moment.
That is the mark of the second "beginning" for you my child.  
And now, for you, these things will stay the same;
The wonderful creation God made you to be and the home to which you came.
 Welcome Home.

--by: Stephanie Wright--


1 comment:

alicia stokes said...

A beautiful poem!

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