Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Craft Time-Leaf Rubbing

This is a fun fall craft idea!  And it's a 2 for one craft and when you love crafts as much as my kids you can't go wrong with that!

First we went for a walk on this beautiful day that God has made!  And picked out some fun leaves to collect.  Pick ones that are still semi-fresh so they don't crumble apart right away.

Then we put them under a piece of paper, and rubbed a crayon on the paper to magically show through the design of the leaves!

Then we put it together like a book.  And Wha-la!

Here's my kindergartener's book.  He even wrote and drew the picture on the front cover all by himself!  I'm so proud!

Click here to see what we did next with the leaves as leaf craft part 2!


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