Friday, October 14, 2011

Randomness v36

Bear- That's not that redicifult.  (he mixed Difficult and Ridiculous together)

We were swimming in a hotel pool, Bear looks up at the life saving device on the wall and says, That's what someone would use if you started shrinking.

lol...probably thinking sinking...but meaning drowning. :)

Eating supper.
Bear- I couldn't hear you cuz my mouth was full.

Bear- Daddy your drinking out of mommys cup.
Dad- She's drinking out of my cup.
Bear- Well that doesnt give you the prove to drink out of her cup.

(*right, to drink out of her cup)  Funny how they twist words around.)

Monkey- Here comes the smoulder. 

Nevermind that he was being weird and put 2 clown nose toys on his ears. :)


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