Saturday, October 16, 2010

Randomness v21

Me- "We are going to grandma's in 3 days.
Bear- "Oh, like I'm 3!"
Monkey-"Yeah, and I have lived on this earth for 6 years, and I'm 6."
Me- "Weird!"

The boys watched Cinderella for the first time.  Monkey was noticing how they said, your majesty and your Heinous to the King and Prince.  So I asked him to do something and he said, "Yes your heinousty"
He put the two words together.  We started laughing cuz it was cute.  And he said, What?  I made that word up. :)  Yeah right.  I think it was more an accident and then he wanted to claim it as on purpose.

Me- Bear was sweating up a storm at nap time.
Bear- Yeah, I was sweating up THE storm!

Bear- I wish I had a sticker that would kick people out where they're not supposed to be.

(I have no idea what he was referring to.  It was quite random, and funny.)

Bear- "Dad"
TJ- "What?"
Bear- "No, I was talking to Monkey."

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