Monday, October 25, 2010


In our unit we are talking about transportation.  So we were given a time-line of when certain things relating to transportation have been invented.

I decided to make a lapbook for the boys about the 3 ways to transport....air, water and land.  I thought I would stick to lapbooks that were prepared for me and all I had to do was cut them out and put them together.  So this was a leap for me to just make it up.  This could probably be a little more imaginative or something but it's purposeful and we can look at it time and time again.  So it will continue to teach.

Here's the complete thing.

Here's how you flap it open.

In the middle is where I printed out 3x3inch cards with pictures of ways to travel on land, by sea, or in the air.  (i.e. helicopter, sailboat, bus, airplane, train, bridge, etc.)  Open the correct flap, and put it in the pockets.

Then I wrote out the time-line for him and I found pictures to go with some of the events.  It will be so much more fun when Monkey is old enough and can look these things up online by himself. :)

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Sanford Family said...

Very cool! And great job on your first creation in lapbooking.


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