Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calendar Presentation Board

After seeing a couple examples from some friends.  I decided to make a more hands on Calendar Board for the kids.  We've tried working on the days and months just by looking at the regular calendar but I thought they might like the more hands on approach.

And I will have to say, it was pretty fun for me in the putting together process. :)

Here it is.

The orange envelopes are holding different things.  The top one is holding different faces for how you feel.  One is holding the seasons.  And the one under that is holding things that happen during that season.  I'm possibly going to add different pictures for the holidays too so we can add them to the calendar.  And the white spot on the left side is for Bible Verses.  The middle right has 3 laminated pieces glued on.  One to write the current temp, which we have to look up online.  And then we are going to keep track of the high and low temp for the month.

For the months and days, I cut the letters out, put them on a white background and then used packing tape as my laminate. :)

 October's missing because it is the month of October! :)

 I still need to write over the words with's kinda hard to see in this picture, Today is, Wednesday, Tomorrow is Thursday, Yesterday was Tuesday.

 We have Bear's birthday in the fall time and the leaves fall.  I need to make a picture for Thanksgiving yet.

1 comment:

Sanford Family said...

Oooooooo, I really like it, this will especially be great with the ages of your kids. Every year I'd like to do something a little different with our calendar based on the kids ages. I might steal some of your ideas.


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