Thursday, October 28, 2010

Will it Float?

This time during our transportation unit, we talked about boats.  We read books about boats, and decided to test out some boats and other things that may or may not float.

I had the boys pick some toys or other things to see if they float or not.  We guessed before each one what we thought and then watched it happen.

Here's what did not float!

Here's what DID float!

Then we made a paper boat, and a boat out of tinfoil to see how many pennies we could get it to hold.
This tinfoil boat held 78 pennies before it got too heavy and sunk to the bottom

Fun experiment.  We had previously made boats out of tinfoil and tried different methods to see how many pennies it would hold, at a co-op homeschool class.  Monkey loved that project, so he was excited to do it again.

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