Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Organization-Wall Art#1

When the kids make a picture that is (don't tell them this) but, not really worthy of keeping forever....eh hem....  you still want to do something with is as to not squish their desire to continue drawing, or coloring or something.  So this is something I came up with a while back.  There is only so much room on the frig, and that is pretty much taken care of with the other papers of life.  So I made them their own little board to stick their accomplishments too.  Here's a simple way to solve this problem.

I bought the 12x12 corkboards and used ribbon to hang them in their room.  Now they can hang all their pictures up in their room.  When the board is too full, you have to toss one out to fit in the newest one.  They get to pick which one that is.  Of course if something is truly a masterpiece, find a file for yourself to keep them in, and then click here to see how you can bind them together and make a book for the year of their best masterpieces!

Next on my to-do list is an updated crafty version of this that I'm hoping to make soon.  Check back some time to see when I make this next project!


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