Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paper Weaving

We found a great little paper weaving craft to make Thanksgiving placemats.

Use construction paper.  Fold it in half, the long way.  so it is 4x12.  Draw a line at the unfolded part 1 inch from the edge.  Cut from the fold down to that line, every inch.

 Like so...
 Then open up, like so.
 Now you need to find the other colors you want to use, and cut 1x12 inch strips from construction paper.

Use all one color, or mix it up.  Find your own pattern.  And weave up and down.  Every other one.

 We were having so much fun weaving I said lets make a placemat for everyone for the Thanksgiving dinner table.  So here are all 25 of our placemats!  Monkey made most of them.  He was a quick little weaver.
I also added some contact paper to the top side so they hold up a little longer.  And we wrote everyone's names in the bottom right corner, so they will sort of work as name cards for the dinner table as well. :)

Happy weaving!  Switch up the colors and use at any time, for any holiday, or any regular day!


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