Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Build a House 10-20

I made this game a long time ago. 

But now it is updated for the numbers 10-20.  Find 11 more popsicle sticks and this time write 10-20 on them.  Use the same bricks from the previous game. :)

These are the tricky numbers, and now Bear has moved on to Kindergarten and needs to conquer a few of these numbers better.  Namely 12....he just can not get that one.  So we will play this game until he can look at all the numbers and say them without having to think about it for a few minutes. :)

Board #1

Board #2

Click here to find the download for two 10-20 boards.

Click here to find the original file which has the directions, two 1-9 boards and bricks.


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