Saturday, April 9, 2011

Build a House

Build a House! 
This is a great game, its fun, you learn, and cheer for each other. :)
There are 2 boards, I might make a couple more, you can check back for that some other time.
There are red bricks to build the house.  Draw a popsicle stick from the cup to see which number you are to cover up.  Only cover one number at a time even though there are 2 of each number on the house.  The first person to build their whole house is the winner.

Click here for my printables to this game.

 I decided to use popsicle sticks and write the number on it.  Then either I hold them upside down in my hand, or I put them in a small cup and mix them up each time before they draw a number.  Cover that number up and put the stick back in the cup.

 Board #1

 Board #2


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