Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adoption Finalization!

We've been a wee bit busy for me to have a chance to post lately. But incase you haven't heard.... we finalized the adoption on December 29th! The boys are officially Wright's. Yay!!! We are having an adoption party this coming Saturday, January 9th from 10am-2pm to celebrate this great addition to our family. Please join us...we are using our Church basement at First Baptist Church 1108 Westwood Drive, Faribault, MN.

We were sitting outside the court waiting for our hearing. It was 10:30, no one was before us but we still had to wait a little bit. Oh well. :) It was worth the wait.

Our first real Family photo, and the Judge who made it all happen. :)

All those who came to celebrate with us. From the left "Grandpa", The Judge, "Grandma", Grandma Shirley(my mom), Guardian Ad-Litem, Social Worker, Bear(being shy?), Me, Monkey, TJ, Adam, Jamie (my sister), Caleb, Cole. Front of me: Elaina, Kalli, Michael, Noah, Allison.

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Your Mother said...

PTL for the way He answered so many prayers. Thank for sharing the pictures. Great memories. Welcome officially to the family Anthony and Shane. We love you!!

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