Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! part 2

Here we are Christmas part 2! We all had a great time and enjoyed our gifts to each other. Except Will because apparently we (I) left his gift at home. At least I hope it is at home because if it's not, I have no clue where it is! And that would not be good.
Anyway.....We had a grand ol' fun time tonight. Bear got the movie Ratitoulle and so we watched that all together as one big happy family tonight. That was special! ;)
The other big hit tonight for the kids was Bear's Shopping cart. They were pushing it all around and putting everything in it. Too funny... here's a couple other snap shots for you to enjoy. I got another Cricut font!!!! I'm so excited! :) Now that is 3 new fonts and I can't wait to scrapbook with them! Yay for me! ;) TJ got more Itunes money.... so now we will have even more cd's! :) Just what we needed. ha ha ha ha ha ha

I love the look of ice on the trees.

TJ's Itunes gift card. :)

My cricut font and a Christmas decoration...

Monkey got this shirt and tie from Will and Melissa and he was so happy! Mom, now I can wear this to's just what I wanted! :) He's so cute! ;)

Bear's famous shopping cart! They were having a good ol time, putting everything from the house in the cart. Ha

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Your Mother said...

It was a special day to be able to spend time with our growing family. Love it!!

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