Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas! part 3

Ok.... as my mom always says, Better late than dead!
ha ha ha ha....the original saying says better late than never.
Here's a few snip-its from our Christmas with my family. We held it at Dana's house. It worked out well there since she has such a huge living room. We had our usual meal,(it's what we normally have on Christmas Eve when we get together). Shrimp, chicken drummies, fruit, cheese curds, onion rings, chips, chicken dip, and many more snacky things! Yum.....My tummy is getting sick just thinking about it. :) ha ha ha

Dana's tree and all our gifts for each other. Just think how many there would be if we didn't trade names, and everyone bought for everyone! Yikes!

The kids acted out the Christmas story while it was read. Bear was a sheep, and crawled around following Cole, Monkey was one of the wise men.

Bear got a couple tractors from Isaiah.

Monkey got this from Grandma. "Ohhhh, just what I've always wanted, a remote control monster truck!"

1 comment:

Your Mother said...

LOL!! Heard that a few times from Anthony. Guess it's good that he likes his gifts.

Lord willing, we'll see you all on Friday.

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