Friday, January 29, 2010

blogger brain

Lately, everything I do I wonder if it's a good enough story to put on the blog...and there have been more stories that have appealed to me as blog stories. After many events I find myself thinking, should I blog about that, or that totally have to go on the blog. But then I would wonder should I blog more than once a day, or should I just keep it to once a day? But then more than 1 "good" story comes along and I've already blogged and by the next day I usually forget about it. Well I decided that I'm going to blog about whatever I want, whenever I want too. SO watch out, because there may be more than 1 blog per day. You never know. Now that my brain has kicked into blogger brain...I have many more thoughts that end with..... "I should put that on the blog."

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