Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Christa and I just don't get together quite enough. We had to squeak in a game of Boggle at the adoption party. It was so fun! I miss her. Too bad we don't live closer so we could encourage each other's brains a little more often. :)

TJ got it for me on my iPod and it is great. I usually play it by myself unless I'm with my Nicole or Jamie. It's so fun. I love it. I play it during any down time, or in the car now. :) And now TJ got me Bananagrams for my iPod. Yeah! Now I have a way to play the games no one else wants to play with me.


Louis O'Tool said...

Spike, the dog actor who played Old Yeller in the classic Disney film, was buried at sea.

TJ and Stephanie said...

awwwww. Louie, we miss your randomness. Welcome back! :)

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