Sunday, February 13, 2011

Letter V

Letter V File Folder!

Letter V Memory Verse:
“Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believeth upon Me hath everlasting life." John 6:47
Download them all here.  I posted it inside the file folder.

A-Z Collage Sheets.  Download here.  
I did both the capital and lowercase file.  
Plus printed the whole alphabet 2 up on a page to conserve. 
We put valentine heart stickers on our letter V!

I put this in a sheet protector so he could do this over again throughout the week.
I put them in a sheet protector so he can use the same sheet every day of the week!
 Valentine Matching Game.  Download the file here.
Print on plain paper and laminate.

 Matching the valentines by color.  Download the file here
I printed these 2 up to make them smaller.  
Then laminated them and cut them in half for him to match the colors.

 Capital/Lowercase Letter sort.  Download the file here.
I printed this 2 up to make it smaller.  Takes up less ink this way.

 Valentine Number match.  Download here.
I printed on plain paper and laminated.

 Valentine Size Sort.  Download the file here.

  Letter V Puzzle.  Download it here. (I used the A-Z large floor mats as puzzles)
This way it doesn't have the lines already in the file and you can cut it however you want.  I wanted to do atleast 8 pieces.  I might change it up to more or different shapes or something for a later puzzle...we will see!
 Valentine letter match.  Find the download here.
I do not use the wooden chips that she refers to. 
I just laminated them and that works just as well and is cheaper! :) 

 Roll a Valentine!  Download this file here.

  Valentine magnet page.  Find the download here.
We used our homemade pompom magnets for these.
 This was new this week.  We used the V that we already had printed, which we put our valentine stickers on.  I got these wooden blocks from hobby lobby, and had him place them on the picture.  
Just another way to have fun while learning how to shape the letter V!

 Letter V cutting practice page.  Download the file here.

I made this file myself because I wanted all the letters in one file.
Download my poke it letter file here.  Take a thumb tack and poke the letter V.  
Practice with forming the letter V.  Make sure to do this while on the carpeted floor. :)

Download the printable letter cards here.

Have fun aiming for the letter V!

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom every day.  And at the end of the week put the letter V on your coconut tree!  I used the A-Z Collage Sheets.  Download here.  And I put them 4 up on a page so the letter would be small enough for them all to fit on our little coconut tree. 

Valentine coloring page.  Find the download here.
I took the picture before he had finished. :)
Letter V Scavenger Hunt.  Find the download here.
I didn't think we would be very successful in this scavenger hunt.  
We found a "Viper", vicks vapor rub, vaseline, a vulture, violet crayon, van, valentine stickers, vase, vinegar, vanilas, and a veggietales book.
We had to be a little creative but we did ok I thought.

We also made some valentine cards, and cut out hearts for a couple other activities.


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