Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Randomness v27

I did the rock a bye baby song with Addy my neice and after the end...."Down will come baby, cradle and all."
Bear says- Mom can you not say the "and Doll" part to me?

Bear- Mom what's the last number of the alphabet?
Me- this a trick question cuz there are no numbers in the alphabet.

(and now I do this trick question to people.  if you say it fast enough they answer Z because they aren't paying close enough attention.)

My niece picked up one of our library books and says...
"This book is full of infor-mack-a-mashun."
Me- Do you mean information?
Josie- Ugh!  I can't say that word.  infor-mack-a-mashun.
Josie- I mean facts and informacamation

Monkey was getting ready to pop a balloon.  So he says...."close your eyes, this is going to be loud!"

Bear- Dad can you make my bath like a hot tub, but not hot?

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