Thursday, February 24, 2011

"God Pocket"

We got this idea from our Devotional book, "Gotta have God 2" ages 2-5.

We were talking about forgiveness and how we should be sorry for things we may do wrong.  So the activity was about living how God wants us to live.  And the only way we can know how He want's us to live is by learning from His word.  So we made this "God Pocket" which is the name they gave it in the book.  So we stuck with it.  I folded a sheet of paper to make a pocket and printed verses I thought would be helpful for them as good reminders of how our actions and thoughts should be.  So we posted these pockets by our homeschool stuff and they pull one out for me to read to them every once in a while. :)  

You can NEVER read from God's Word too much!

Download my verses here.  Since we have 2 pockets this file prints out 2 of each verse. :)


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