Monday, May 2, 2011

Water Experiments 3

Quick and easy water experiment.

Water has 'skin'.  And to show an example of this, fill a cup up to the brim.  Use a coin and press gently into the top of the water.  Notice how the water moves in before the coin breaks through the 'skin' of the water.

 Ooooh, Ahhh. :)

 Then continue dropping the coins in carefully along the side.  See how many coins you can put in there before the water spills over.   The skin helps hold the water in the cup, even as it bubbles up over the top of the cup.  Do you see the water bubbling over the top edge in these pictures?

I don't think I quite had it to the "brim" so it took us a few more coins to get the bubble, and to get the water to break that 'skin' and spill out.

Have fun experimenting with water. :)


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