Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roll instead of fold

I'm sure you've seen/heard/done this, but I thought I'd enlighten you anyway.  When we go on a long vacation and we have too many clothes to fit in your suitcase, if you roll them instead of fold them you can fit many more clothes in there.  It's an awesome trick.  Well I decided to use it on the boys drawers just because they don't put their clothes in their nicely and the messier it is the harder it is to fit them all in there.

Then I was switching Monkey's clothes out and giving him a bigger size.  So I had to put all his other clothes in a tote for Bear for next year.  There were too many....

So I decided to roll these too!  And wha-la!  I got them to all fit in the tote.

Yay for a easy trick on organizing and packing.


1 comment:

Dana said...

Right-O lady!! When Elijah was younger I would roll his clothes in outfit sets for his dresser, that way he could just pull out a matching outfit himself. There ya go Mom doesnt have to pick something out every morning. What a nice morning time saver.

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