Friday, May 6, 2011

Carseats, Ugh

Car seats are annoying.
Now listen to the whole thing. :)

When you have 2 kids, it doesn't matter what car seat you have, or how big it is, or any of that jazz.

Now, picture this... 
you have 2 kids, who need car seats/boosters and boom, you have 3 more kids under the age 3 who need the big full harness car seats alongside  your 7 and 4 1/2 year old who need the boosters.  

Uh sorry, but....that does not fit very well in my supposedly 7 passenger van!  

Why do they have to make them so wide and huge and stupidly shaped!

I think we may have made it work to get them all in there. But the real test will come when we actually try to load all 5 car seated children in the van tomorrow. 

And...I'm all for safety and stuff, but I think they are getting a little bit ridiculous here.  Things would be much easier if my 7 year old didn't need the booster.  We'd fit in the vehicle much better. :)

 I mean, seriously, when I was growing up.....not to date myself or anything....we rode around in  the back of a station wagon without a seat belt, and I'm still alive! :)   Or we would ride in the back of a car equipped with only 3 seat belts that 4 of us would 'share'.  Again, I'm still alive. was great to put those 2cents out there. :)



Gampa and Gamma said...

Don't put Anthony in a booster. Obey traffic signs and you'll be fine. JK!

aboveallshadows said...

I'm with you, Stephanie. I've heard a lot of hype about "statistics" which cause laws to be compounded. I am for the freedom to choose what is safest and best for my family. I don't think most car seats were made with families of more than two kids in mind, but I've heard there are compact models out there.

oopalmoo said...

I totally agree with you! But, now they the government is only making it worse by saying your 2 yr old has to face backwards. I am so thankful i won't have a 2 yr old to deal with i can' only imagine how uncomfortable that poor baby will be!

Carrie said...

That is crazy - I always laugh at the rule that they have to be in a booster till they're 4'9" - I'm only 5 feet tall & my SIL is fully grown at 4'11" - we're both pretty close to 'needing' booster seats as adults, right? :) Yeah, I think they go a little too far. And as far as trying to make my toddlers face backwards forget it - so far, the rule has been 20 lbs or 12 months, you can turn them around - I'll stick with that. I can't imagine how grumpy my 1-yr-old would be facing backwards!!!

alicia stokes said...

so i fell out of the car when i was three years old. just saying. my mom still feels pretty bad. but carseats are annoying! i'm glad to hear you'll have a car full of kids.

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