Friday, May 20, 2011

Addition Flash Cards

I made these addition flash cards for Monkey to work on his number facts.  He does really well with adding, but some of them he has to take the extra time to really think it through.  So I wanted him to work through flat out knowing them without having to take those extra seconds to think it through.

So here they are...Download the file here.

Next I'm going to work on the subtraction set.  Look for that later. :)

Yes I made them red.  Someone told me red is a better color for kids with learning disabilities to focus on better than black.  So I'm trying it out.  You could always print it grayscale if you didn't want to use red ink for printing this.

I made the file 8 up on a page, but then decided to scale it down a little more.  So I printed them 2 up so there actually 16 on a page.  Still a manageable size, but you have the option of what size you want to print them. :)  Enjoy!


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