Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monkey's Birthday Party

I'm a little late on the birthday party recap....

He wanted everything to be lego....and Lego it was!

Starting with the very invitation....I made up a knock knock joke.
Knock, Knock?
(who's there?)
(lego who?)
LEGO to Monkey's Birthday party! :)

heehee.....get "let's go"

Here's the lego cake.

I even had a lego guy hold a candle. :)  

 We played a game where they had to toss the legos into this little bowl.  The first time Monkey only got one think, but the second time he got all 5!  He was the only one to do that so he was theg grand prize winner.  :)

We had a great's a couple gift shots.


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