Saturday, May 28, 2011

Como Zoo

We had a great time today.  We went to the Como Zoo with all 5 children.  :)  It was sunny all day and once we walked into the zoo it started raining.  Of course I brought all the kids jackets but not us adult's jackets.  We waited around a little bit and then decided to brave the rain.  It slowed down to a really light rain so we headed out.  It wasn't long after that, that the sun came out and it was beautiful weather again just in time for us to leave. :)  lol

TJ was pushing the single stroller with Monkey and Bear walking next to him and I was walking behind him pushing the double stroller with the twins in it.  I'm sure we looked like the zoo at the zoo! :)  haha...we did get a couple looks.  It was kinda funny actually.

The kids were really good, and we even ended up going out to eat on the way home and there were no major fits, or catastrophe's of any sort.  So Praise the Lord!

Here's a couple snap shots... of the animals, and our children....sorry no foster kids are able to be posted.  But I wish I could cuz they sure are cuties. :)  


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